Volunteers Keep our Program Running


The game of lacrosse is one that is fun to learn and play; it is also challenging. We need folks who may already have knowledge of the game and may have coaching experience or at least a strong desire to learn either. Knowledge of the game can be taught and learned, so the most important ingredients for coaching are really a passion for teaching, enthusiasm and discipline. The later is important because without it, the first two may get lost in the shuffle! If you are interested in coaching or helping your child’s coach, please contact Eric Favreau at [email protected].

Maintain Fields

The Club is responsible for lining and generally taking care of the fields during the season. The fields generally need to be laid out and lined early in April and then relined as needed during the season. While the laying out of the fields is for the experienced, lining and relining can certainly be done by anyone – it is really easy – if you can walk in a straight line! And it does not take very long! If you are interested in helping with the fields, please contact Eric Favreau at [email protected].

Team Parent - Manager

This is an invaluable position for every coach. This position allows the coach to concentrate on teaching the athletes the game so they do not have to worry about carpools, scheduling timers, coordinating snacks, planning the end of season picnic, etc. Team parents responsibilities include:
scheduling timers, scorekeepers and cleaning up for home games, coordinating post game snacks and drinks, and basically acting as the liaison between the coach and the parents on things that are not directly elated to coaching. If you are interested in becoming a team parent, please contact your child’s coach.


Volunteer to help with equipment handout and returns!
Equipment pickup in March and equipment returns at the end of the season.
Contact Eric Favreau at [email protected].

Fund Raising

We now have a few fund raisers during the season for several reasons:
This is to help keep registration fees as low as possible and to be able to purchase as much lacrosse equipment as possible for those who can’t afford to pay the cost. We are truly the only lacrosse program in the state that provides lacrosse equipment for our players at any team level. Every year our 3 major fund raisers solicit sponsorships from locals businesses or individuals who will get an ad posted in the MALA booklets and on our website, a cash calendar where every player will be required to sell to friends, family and neighbors, and a bottle drive. We truly hope that everyone will take part in these fundraisers. If you are interested in helping out on any of these fund raisers or you have an idea about raising funds, please contact Eric Favreau at [email protected]

Become a Lacrosse Referee

This is a paid position. (But you can donate your time for MALA, if you like) Candidates should know the basic rules of Lacrosse or be willing to learn what is necessary.Training is offered (usually held on a Saturday in March). Referees must be available to ref during late April to mid June. You have a choice to ref boys or girls or both. If you want more information or are interested, please contact Eric Favreau at [email protected]