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Register now for the 2023 Lacrosse season!

Attention Parents,

You MUST complete ALL THREE STEPS listed below to register your child for Indoor AND/OR Outdoor lacrosse!

  • Step 1: USA Lacrosse Membership

    USA Lacrosse membership is mandatory for insurance purposes and must be completed BEFORE you register your child(ren) to play lacrosse with the Mount Anthony Lacrosse Association.

    Click HERE to log into OR create your USA Lacrosse account.
    Once you are in your account, renew or establish your child’s USA Lacrosse membership.
    Again, this is mandatory!

    To help the next two steps run as smoothly as possible, leave your child(ren)’s US Lacrosse profile(s) open in a separate tab of your browser in order to copy and paste their 12 digit member number(s) in Step 3 (below)!

    Having trouble renewing/registering with USA Lacrosse?
    Contact them directly at (410) 235-6882 Ext. 102

  • Step2: Sports Connect Account

    Click HERE to log into OR create your Sports Connect account.

    The data in your child(ren)’s USA Lacrosse and Sports Connect accounts MUST BE IDENTICAL or you will be unable to register properly!
    For Example:
    53 Elm Street is NOT the same as 53 Elm ST to a database!
    Charlie is NOT the same as Charles to a database!

    Having trouble accessing or creating your Sports Connect account?
    Call Sports Connect support directly during business hours at
    (866) 258-3303 (Option #1).

  • Step 3: MALA Registration

    Now that your USA Lacrosse membership is up to date and open in a separate tab, click the “Register Now” button in your Sports Connect account, and follow the prompts to register your child(ren) for lacrosse this spring!
    The proper program (Ex. Boys U15) should be available based on your child’s age and gender.

    Still Having trouble registering?
    Contact Kevin Morrison at [email protected]

In need of financial assistance?
Contact Eric Favreau at [email protected] regarding scholarships

Girls Required equipment:

  • Stick
  • Goggles
  • Mouthpiece
  • Sneakers/Indoor Turf shoes (to change into after arrival)
  • Water Bottle

Please Note: 
MALA can supply boys and girls with all of the equipment listed above with the exception of athletic cups and compression shorts. Parents MUST have a blank check as a deposit for any MALA equipment they borrow. To learn more about the MALA Equipment policy
Click Here!

Boys Required equipment:

  • Stick
  • Helmet
  • Mouthpiece
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Arm Pads
  • Gloves
  • Compression Shorts w/ Athletic Cup
  • Sneakers (to change into after arrival)
  • Reversible pinnie (or white t-shirt)
  • Water Bottle
To learn more about the MALA Equipment policy Click Here!


Who We Are


MALA’s mission is to teach the rules and game of lacrosse, to develop strong competitive players in a fun and positive environment and to focus on individual development as well as team strategies. MALA practices and adheres to the USA Lacrosse Code of Conduct. MALA expects all of our participants to approach the game with sportsmanship, honesty and integrity.

Fun for all

MALA prides itself keeping the registration fees low and being able to provide equipment for those who can’t afford to pay for equipment. But that being said, it can’t be done without the extensive fundraisers we do year round. Funds raisers are done by soliciting sponsors, cash calendar, donations, etc. MALA’s expenses consist of Scholarships/equipment for players, USA Lacrosse membership, referee costs/tournament fees, field rental fees, website development, uniforms, miscellaneous equipment (goalie equipment, nets, goals, paints, balls, mouth guards, cones, clocks, horns, first aid supplies, storage containers, etc), apparel for coaches, coach appreciation gifts and general fees (Legal fees, office supplies, copying, postage, etc.)

We can help

MALA will never turn a player away who cannot afford the cost of registration and equipment. We understand that the cost of this game is prohibitive to some under these tough economic times. We have scholarships and equipment available. If you need assistance, please contact Eric Favreau at [email protected]. All requests for assistance will be kept private.


MALA is a volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to young lacrosse players and families of all backgrounds. Every one of our organizers, coaches and team managers contribute to our organization as a volunteer.
Volunteer opportunities